Ryan Ruggles

Father O’Reilly

RYAN RUGGLES is happy to back at Candlelight. Past Candlelight roles are: Panch (… Spelling Bee) and Lancelot (Spamalot).  Other favorite past performances include Pillowman at Haddonfield P&P (Ariel), Lost in Yonkers at Philadelphia P&P (Uncle Louie), and The Great American Trailer Park Musical and Shrek at the Ritz Theatre (Norbert and Big Bad Wolf respectively). Up next: Incorruptible and Into The Woods at the Ritz Theatre.  The following should all mean something to someone: sweet nothings (or whatever) whispered in a friend’s ear; being told not to scare a friend, doing it anyway, and getting scolded; trading Heracross for Chimecho with a friend; which friend is wearing the best shirt; taking a selfie on a friend’s phone when they’re not looking; snogging with a friend in the broom closet; and last, but not least, hot (or cold) bag fries for a friend…always.  He wants to thank his family for all their love and support during the time of this show and for letting go of him just long enough to become Father O.  So much love to M…and of course M&M&W!!

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