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SEPTEMBER 2nd and 3rd

Candlelight is proud to present, for two performances only – Susan Wefel as Shirley Valentine.  Join us and experience this inspiring story of a woman’s journey to self-discovery.

“The actor here is Susan Wefel, a talented and brave woman who clumps onto the stage, totally Shirley, and slips directly into our hearts. She talks to the wall, she talks to herself, she even talks directly to us (a minor flaw of breaking the fourth wall, but necessary) and carries the entire weight of meaning on her capable shoulders. Her walking, sitting, posture, head movements, everything, was perfectly Shirley, and perfectly done. Shirley was real.  Surely, you can remind yourself it’s just an actress.  But relax and enjoy! It is Shirley.”

GARY LABOWITZ – Stage Magazine


The heroine in this actor’s tour-de-force is an ordinary middle class English housewife. As she prepares ‘chips and egg’ for dinner, she ruminates on her life and tells the wall about her husband, her children, her past, and an invitation from a girlfriend to join her on holiday in Greece to search for romance and adventure. Written by Willy Russell.

This delightful one-woman play first premiered in 1986 in Liverpool, England before opening on Broadway in 1989. The play received numerous international accolades, including several Laurence Olivier Awards as well as both a win and a nomination at the 1989 Tony Awards. That same year, Shirley Valentine was adapted into a successful film starring Pauline Collins, who had previously starred in both the London West End and Broadway productions. The New York Daily News called Shirley Valentine “A joyful, captivating piece of theatre.”

This event does not include dinner.  A cash bar is provided and snacks (chips and pretzels) will be available for purchase.

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